Wednesday, February 7, 2024

An Explanation of the Legislative Process Relative to S.2572


Statement on S.2572

Last week the Senate approved its version of new gun safety legislation (S.2572), one of many steps in the legislative process around this subject. This narrower and reformed version of the bill (35 pages) earned the unanimous support of the Massachusetts Association of Chiefs of Police, whereas the much different and expansive bill put forth earlier by the House (129 pages) was unanimously opposed by those same police chiefs from across the state.

Because the Senate bill had not been subjected to a public hearing, my first action was to move that it be referred to the Committee on Public Safety, which is charged with dealing with firearms legislation, to be properly addressed, including a public hearing. Unfortunately, this effort failed on a 9-31 vote leaving us to deal with the bill.

Next, the entire Republican caucus moved to make major changes to S.2572 by offering amendment #63, which would substitute a new narrower bill that protected second amendment rights while strengthening public safety. Unfortunately, that substitution was rejected on a vote of 6-33.

While it was unfortunate that commonsense amendment #63 was not adopted, I worked with my colleagues to further refocus the bill on punishing those who break the law - while protecting those who abide by it. We fought to ensure the following amendments were adopted:

- Amendment #6: requires that an individual charged with a criminal offense involving a gun, or who is on parole for such an offense, and that is subsequently charged with another crime involving guns or violence, is detained until trial for that crime

- Amendment #11: provides for grandfathering in the assault weapons ban for firearms lawfully possessed

- Amendment #22: changes the overly broad definition in the bill of "Rapid Fire Trigger Activator," which would have misclassified some common components as "Glock Switches"

- Amendment #30: requires the Secretary of Public Safety to report on numerous measures, originally adopted in 2014, to provide education and to punish criminal behavior which appear to be languishing without implementation

- Amendment #32: expands the ability of lawful gun owners and gunsmiths to repair and reassemble guns to include rifles and shotguns

- Amendment #55: creates a separate, additional penalty for shooting a firearm at a police officer, which includes imprisonment in the house of correction for not more than 2 years and a fine of not more than $1,000 or by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 5 years, and liability for civil damages

- Amendment #74: limits the otherwise broad and vicarious liability for manufacturers contained in the bill by recognizing legitimate youth sporting activities involving firearms

My “yes” vote for the amended Senate version of the bill was an endorsement of the process to limit its scope, incorporate significant amendments to protect lawful gun owners and punish criminals, and move to conference committee from a strong posture.

With significant differences between the House and Senate bills on this subject, there is still a long way to go before any final version becomes law. Throughout all of the process that remains, I will continue to work to ensure that public safety is our top priority, and that we seek to strengthen it without infringing on the second amendment rights of safe, responsible gun owners and sportsmen like me. It remains to be seen whether or not that can be accomplished.


Monday, January 8, 2024

Governor’s Mid-Year Budget Cuts FY2024

Today Governor Healey announced that she was responding to a projected $1 billion shortfall in the budget for the current fiscal year (FY24) by exercising her powers to cut items in the budget pursuant to  Chapter 29, Section 9c of the General Laws, and by taking other steps to offset the shortfall. 

Below are posted her letter explaining these actions, and a corresponding analysis by the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation. 



Monday, November 27, 2023

Senate Republican Caucus Letter to Conference Committee RE: Fiscal Year 2023 Closeout Supplemental Budget

On Wednesday, November 22nd, the Senate Republican Caucus released a letter calling on the Conference Committee to report in part on a number of important items that need to be addressed
RE: Fiscal Year 2023 Closeout Supplemental Budget.

Read the letter in detail below:


Thursday, October 5, 2023

MRBA Meeting with US Army Corps of Engineers | Plum Island | 9.29.23

Productive MRBA meeting last week with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to discuss erosion issues on Plum Island.

Check out my interview with WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Kendall Buhl: 

Also, check out PITA President, Ron Barrett's interview with WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Nightside with Dan Rea from 10.3.23:


FY'24 Mass Cultural Council Grant Recipients

Mass Cultural Council announced the FY'24 recipients of the Festivals & Projects grant program.  In total, Mass Cultural Council granted $1,850,000 to 740 cultural projects and festivals statewide. The grants are $2,500 each and go to organizations to support their public activities that incorporate the arts, humanities, or sciences.

Please join me in congratulating the Festivals & Projects Recipients receiving grants in our District.

Mass Cultural Council announced the recipients of the Mass Cultural Council’s FY24 Cultural Investment Portfolio (CIP) and Gateway grant programs. In total, $6,988,800 has been granted to 338 cultural nonprofits this year through these two programs.

The CIP and Gateway provide general operating grants to nonprofit organizations that enrich Massachusetts’ cultural life. The Portfolio works to strengthen a creative and cultural sector that generates $1.2 billion in economic activity, creates thousands of jobs, and delivers programs to more than 20 million a year. 

Please join me in congratulating the CIP and Gateway Grant Recipients in our District.


Gold Star Mothers and Family Day | Knight's of Columbus Rosary Prayer Service | 9.24.23

Sunday, September 24th was Gold Star Mothers and Family Day - a day of recognition of the sacrifices made by those who have paid the ultimate price and the burden the families are left behind to carry.  

I was honored to attend the Rosary Prayer Service led by the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus, alongside the Gold Star Family Memorial Committee and Cape Ann Office of Veterans Services.