Friday, February 3, 2023

Warming Stations And Information

Compiled by SeniorCare Inc. 

Beverly Library, Fri & Sat, 9am-5pm 

Police Information line: 978-768-6200 

Rose Baker Senior Center, Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 10am-2pm 
Sawyer Free Library, Fri-Sat 10am-5pm 
Police Station Lobby, 197 Main St, open 24 hours 
Grace Center, Fri 8am-4pm Also 
Action Shelter, CORE Recovery Center--call for hours. 

Police Information line: 978-468-1212 

Local News Police Information line: 978-356-4343 

Manchester Public Library, Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm 
Police Station & Town Hall Room #5, both open 24 hours 

Community Room at Rockport Police Station open 24 hours per day during the cold period 

Police Information line: 978-887-6533 

Police Information line: 978-468-5500


Thursday, February 2, 2023


What to do before extreme cold weather hits  
  • Be Informed - receive alerts, warnings, and public safety information before, during, and after emergencies. 
  • Make a Family Emergency Plan that addresses the needs of your family and prepares your family to safely evacuate or shelter in place if needed 
  • Assemble an emergency kit. 
  • Prepare your home for possible emergencies. 
  • Ensure your vehicle is ready for safe winter driving. Follow safe driving practices if you must travel during winter storms. 
  • Make sure your pets are ready for cold weather. 

Potential for isolated power outages due to strong winds 
Wind chill as low as -15 to -45 late Friday night through Saturday morning 
Heavy freezing spray over coastal waters


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Brigadier General Enoch O'Dell "Woody" Woodhouse II At Flint Memorial Library Talks About American History

Brigadier General Enoch Woodhouse, a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, America's first all-Black combat flying unit, who served during World War II, recalled a time when Black soldiers were not allowed to train alongside white soldiers. Enoch Woodhouse, a 96-year-old Lieutenant Colonel and one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen, greeted an eager group at the Flint Memorial Library in North Reading, Massachusetts 

Woodhouse grew up in Roxbury and enlisted in the US Army Air Corps in 1944 when he was 17, following the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. The Tuskegee Airmen, America's first all-Black combat flying unit, played a pivotal role in integrating the US Armed Forces. Despite initial discrimination, the unit proved themselves as accomplished pilots in Europe and influenced President Truman's 1948 decision to end discrimination in the military. After his discharge in 1949, Woodhouse earned a degree from Yale and went on to study law at BU. He worked as a trial lawyer and attorney for over 40 years. 

Sponsored by: Friends of the Flint Memorial Library, NORCAM, Inc., Heavenly Donuts North Reading



Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Great Marsh Revitalization Task Force

Friday was the first in-person annual meeting of the Great Marsh Revitalization Task Force in several years. We are garnering a broader interest in the revitalization of the marsh and that is a wonderful thing. We had many presenters at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge and many in attendance. Great thanks to Peter Phippen. 

The Great Marsh is the largest continuous stretch of salt marsh in all of New England - ranging from Gloucester to southern New Hampshire. Encompassing more than 20,000 acres of salt marsh, barrier beach, tidal river, estuary, mudflat, and upland islands it is internationally recognized as a bird habitat and extraordinary environmental resource.


The National Weather Service's Boston Office Calls For Cold Snap Cautions

I'm posting this now so that there is a reasonable timeframe to make preparations for what the National Weather Service is calling a 'dangerously cold" arctic blast. This cold blast will hit the eastern seaboard Friday and Saturday. The Weather Service says that we haven't had this kind of cold in many years and describes it as "off the charts cold climatologically". Meteorologists predict wind chills of -20 F to -40 F overnight thanks to very strong winds. So, please take steps to keep you and your family safe. 

  • Minimize outside activities, particularly for the elderly and very young. Consider your pets too. 
  • Dress in several layers of loose-fitting, lightweight clothing, rather than a single layer of heavy clothing. Outer garments should be tightly woven and water-repellent. Wear a hat, gloves and sturdy waterproof boots, to protect your extremities. Cover your mouth with a scarf to protect your lungs.
  • Gaurd against frostbite - Excessive exposure can lead to frostbite, which is damaging to body tissue that is frozen. Frostbite causes a loss of feeling and a pale appearance in extremities, such as fingers, toes, ear lobes or the tip of the nose. If symptoms are detected, seek medical help immediately. 
  • Hypothermia can occur in extreme cases. The warning signs are: uncontrollable shivering, memory loss, disorientation, incoherence, slurred speech, drowsiness, and apparent exhaustion. 
  • To keep pipes from freezing, wrap them in insulation or layers of newspapers, covering the newspapers with plastic to keep out moisture. Allow a trickle of warm water to run from a faucet that is farthest from your water meter or one that has frozen in the past. This will keep the water moving so that it cannot freeze. Learn how to shut off your water if a pipe bursts. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. 
  • Ensure you have sufficient heating fuel, as well as emergency heating equipment in case you lose electricity. Remember that unvented kerosene heaters are illegal in Massachusetts. 
  • Call Mass211 or check with your local Emergency Management Office to find the locations of any Warming Centers that may be open in your community.


Saturday, January 28, 2023

Public Hearing Notice – Gloucester - Bridge Reconstruction, Western Avenue over Blynman Canal

Overview of Gloucester - Bridge Reconstruction, Western Avenue over Blynman Canal 

A Live Virtual Public Information Meeting will be hosted on the MassDOT website below to discuss the proposed Gloucester – bridge reconstruction, Western Avenue over Blynman Canal, G-05-002.


6:30 PM, Thursday, February 23, 2023


The purpose of this public information meeting is to provide the public with the opportunity to become fully acquainted with the proposed Bridge Reconstruction Project, Western Avenue over Blynman Canal, G-05-002. All views and comments submitted in response to the meeting will be reviewed and considered to the maximum extent possible.


The proposed project includes the reconstruction of the Western Avenue over Blynman Canal bridge.

A secure right-of-way is necessary for this project. Acquisitions in fee and permanent or temporary easements may be required. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is responsible for acquiring all needed rights in private or public lands. MassDOT’s policy concerning land acquisitions will be presented in the meeting.

Project inquiries, written statements and other exhibits regarding the proposed undertaking may be submitted to Carrie E. Lavallee, P.E., Chief Engineer, via e-mail to or via US Mail to Suite 7210, 10 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116, Attention: Major Projects, Project File No. 608397. Statements and exhibits intended for inclusion in the public meeting transcript must be emailed or postmarked no later than ten (10) business days after the meeting is posted to the MassDOT website listed below.

This meeting is accessible to people with disabilities. MassDOT provides reasonable accommodations and/or language assistance free of charge upon request (e.g. interpreters in American Sign Language and languages other than English, live captioning, videos, assistive listening devices and alternate material formats), as available. For accommodation or language assistance, please contact MassDOT’s Chief Diversity and Civil Rights Officer by phone (857-368-8580), TTD/TTY at (857) 266-0603, fax (857) 368-0602 or by email ( Requests should be made as soon as possible prior to the meeting, and for more difficult to arrange services including sign-language, CART or language translation or interpretation, requests should be made at least ten business days before the meeting.


Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Pentucket Regional School District Superintendent Bartholomew's Budget Presentation

Superintendent Justin Bartholomew gave a full and engaging presentation last night and I was glad to be there to listen to him and other members of the community. School system budgeting is always challenging so I am glad that he and his team are reaching out to the public for input and participation. Pentucket Regional School District serves the communities of Groveland, Massachusetts, Merrimac, Massachusetts and West Newbury, Massachusetts.