Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Nicky's Law

Today, in Governor Charlie Baker's office, there was a ceremonial bill signing of Nicky's Law. This new law helps protect people with intellectual disabilities from those who have been abusive to others. The law creates a confidential registry, shared only with prospective employers, who would be required to check the registry before hiring someone.

Named for Nicky Chan, who was beaten while in care by an abuser who was subsequently able to secure similar employment in another setting, the law will track those whose abuse of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities has been substantiated.

Cheryl Chan, Nicky mom expressed gratitude for the bill and reminded us that we must always remember that people with disabilities have the right to live lives of dignity and safety. I thank Senator Senator Mike Moore and Senator Patrick O'Connor for sponsoring this important bill in the Senate and Representative Linda Dean Campbell, the lead House sponsor for their work.