Friday, October 9, 2020

Tobin Bridge/Chelsea Curves Rehabilitation Project Updates

Temporary Lane Closures and Reductions 

From 9PM on Friday, October 9 to 5AM on Saturday, October 10, there will be temporary lane closures and reductions in the Chelsea Viaduct section of the combined Tobin Bridge/Chelsea Curves Rehabilitation Project. 

Starting at 9PM on Friday, the northbound (away from Boston) direction of Route 1 will be reduced to a single lane. At the same time, the southbound direction of Route 1 will be completely closed between the Carter Street off-ramp and the Everett Avenue on-ramp. Traffic seeking to continue to Boston will exit Route 1 at the Carter Street off-ramp, turn right on Carter Street, turn left on Everett Avenue, and turn right onto the Everett Avenue on-ramp to rejoin Route 1 southbound. 

After 5AM on Saturday, October 10, two lanes will be available in both the north and southbound directions on Route 1.