Friday, July 19, 2019

Beat the Heat - Be Prepared

National Grid’s Recommendations for Upcoming Heat Wave:

“Forecasters are calling for a run of high temperatures and humidity this weekend. We are prepared for increased energy demand and will be closely monitoring the weather and our system. We also want to ensure you are prepared as prolonged temperatures of 90°F or higher can lead to heat-related illnesses. Please stay hydrated and cool and regularly check on the elderly, young children and those with chronic illnesses in your life as they are at a higher risk.”

In case of power outage customers may report the outage via: OR Text the word “OUT” to 64743 OR Call 1-800-465-1212

Georgetown Municipal Light Department
Contact: Light Department Office at 978-352-5730 Town Link:

North Reading and Wilmington
Reading Municipal Light Plant
Contact: Website instructs you to fill out a form in order to report a power outage. However, if a live power wire or electrical equipment is sparking, residents should call 781-942-6598 or 781-944-1340 immediately Town Link:

Middleton Electric Light Department
Contact: 978-774-4313 Town Link:

Ipswich Electric Light Department
Contact: 978-356-6635 Town Link:

Groveland Electric Department
Contact: Like Ipswich and Middleton, Groveland has no dedicated number for power outage reporting, but the phone number for the Electric Department itself is 978-372-1671 Town Link:

Rowley Municipal Lighting Plant
Contact: 978-948-3992 Town Link: ________________________________________