Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Dog Days of Lobbying

When you meet Janet Waldron there's a good chance you'll meet Louie too. Today, many House & Senate members showed their support for bills that help animals like my "Beagle Bill" S534 which gives lab animals a chance at being adopted. Janet and Louie have been raising awareness about a new chance for a forever homes for these animals. the dogs and cats involved in research make a tremendous sacrifice on behalf of our society, and they deserve every opportunity for adoption when their service is completed

This bill will facilitate relationships between research laboratories and non-profit rescue organizations so that animals are given a chance of life after the lab with a Massachusetts family. More than 60,000 dogs and nearly 20,000 cats are used for animal experimentation in the US. Because the vast majority of the dogs used are beagles which is why this legislation is often called the "Beagle Bill".