Sunday, September 12, 2021

History Made and History Preserved In Wilmington

I had the pleasure of attending a unique dedication ceremony earlier this week at the Butters Farm in Wilmington. The Butters family have lived in town since the 1600's, they were among the first settlers of the town, and William Butters served on the very first Board of Selectmen. 

This ceremony, hosted by new residents Dave and Cory Surgue, commemorated the military history of the Butters family which predates the Revolutionary War. This ancestral home was lived in for more than 3 centuries and then the building was slated to be demolished. 7 years ago I worked to secure a legislative budget appropriation of $450,000 for the Town of Wilmington to purchase the farmhouse and property. Those funds, and others from state and donated sources, allowed for the historic preservation that keeps this property a vibrant place. The Town of Wilmington, MA Town Hall and Sugrues have worked hard to renovate the 'new' home, now known as the Sugrue-Butters Farm. 

The original house built by William Butters, who served on the first board of selectmen in Wilmington in 1730 was once part of the Underground Railroad. The Baldwin Apple, which for decades was the most popular apple in New England, also has its originating roots from this very farm.