Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Gloucester Drawbridge Replacement Project

The MBTA has shared the following press release regarding a switch relocation improvement and bridge construction schedule changes: 

Gloucester Drawbridge Replacement Project

Rockport Commuter Rail Service Update

West Gloucester Switch to be Relocated

Due to supply chain delays and bridge construction complexities, Commuter Rail service to Rockport will not be restored this month. While the MBTA evaluates alternatives to restore rail service as soon as possible, work crews will use this opportunity to accelerate other projects planned for the line that would have required service interruptions in 2022.

By incorporating these unrelated projects in the new construction schedule, future impacts to customers will be minimized.

Shuttle buses will continue to serve Gloucester and Rockport Stations, and the MBTA has the capacity to offer additional buses if ridership demand warrants it.

In addition to completing bridge construction, the MBTA and Keolis plan to relocate the switch that is currently located about 700 feet north of the West Gloucester Station. The switch allows trains to move from one track to the other. It was relocated initially to allow operations to continue from West Gloucester while trains could not travel to Rockport to change direction. The project has progressed construction to the point that the switch can now be relocated. Keolis anticipates the relocation will be completed within a month. Once the relocation is complete, the West Gloucester neighborhood will experience fewer impacts related to train idling and operations in that area of the line.

The MBTA appreciates its customers' patience and understanding as workers make critical upgrades to infrastructure and improve safety and reliability for decades to come.

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