Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Senate Guests From The Essex Coastal Scenic Byway

Yesterday, our Senate session included a visit from special guests from communities along the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway.

The guests, representing 10 women owned businesses in a 10 mile stretch of the coastal byway, joined forces to market themselves with a brochure and a coastal byway treasure map. Pauline and Glen Bresnahan of Pauline's Gifts in Gloucester, Folk Painter and Designer Johanne Cassia owner of Olde Ipswich Shop & Gallery in Ipswich with Rogers and Brown House B & B in-keeper Frank Wiedenmann, and Shelly Nicastro of Essex Bird Shop and Pet Supply of Essex were accompanied by Representative Brad Hill and Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante.

In 2003 the Legislature adopted a bill to create this special byway which encompasses a roadway with 90 miles of saltmarsh and waterfronts, seafood stands, antique stores, thriving businesses and stunning coastal views. With the creation of the Scenic Byway came a growing awareness of the important natural, scenic, historic and recreational resources of the area for local residents and visitors alike. I encourage you to visit the byway and support business along it.