Thursday, January 24, 2019

Baker Budget Bill Filed

Governor Baker has initiated the process of budgeting for Fiscal Year 2020 with a comprehensive spending proposal that makes important commitments to things like education and strengthening the state’s Stabilization “Rainy Day” Fund.

Proposed increases in educational funding and unrestricted Local Aid to support cities and towns are important to keeping the promises state government has made in the past, and investments in such things as the agencies that protect our environment and the safety of our natural gas systems are important to the state’s future.

Hopefully Governor Baker’s spending plan will be given due consideration by the Legislature. Members of the Senate Republicans Caucus are committed to working through the budget process in the days ahead with our legislative colleagues in the House and Senate and the Baker-Polito Administration to plan spending for the coming fiscal year that is cost-effective and sustainable.

You can read the Executive Summary and/or the entire bill here: