Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Below is a weekly update on recovery and restoration efforts associated with the natural gas pipeline incident affecting Andover, Lawrence and North Andover. Additional information can be obtained at www.columbiagasma.com.

Restoration Process Columbia Gas has committed to have gas service restored by Nov. 19. There are three critical steps in the restoration process: Becoming “Gas-Ready”, becoming “House-Ready”, and finally, “Re-light”. Gas-Ready and House-Ready can occur in any order, but both must occur in a residence or business before Re-Light can take place.

· Main Line Replacement: The main gas line that brings gas into the area will be replaced on your street.
· Service Line Replacement: The line connecting your home or business to the main line will be replaced.
· Completion: A yellow sticker will be placed on the meter bar at completion
For additional information on Gas-Ready, please visit https://www.columbiagas.com/massachusetts/restoration/gas-ready.

All natural gas appliances are assessed, interior gas lines are repaired and tested, new appliances are installed (with at least one appliance available for re-light), and safety inspections are conducted. To view the current schedule for House-Ready assessments and installation, as well as other House Ready information, please visit https://www.columbiagas.com/massachusetts/restoration/house-readyhttps://www.columbiagas.com/massachusetts/restoration/house-ready.

To restore natural gas service a residence or business, all work inside and outside must be completed. Once a residence or business is ‘House Ready’ and ‘Gas Ready,’ a Columbia Gas representative will visit, perform final safety checks, install the gas meter and restore natural gas service. For additional information on Re-Light, please visit https://www.columbiagas.com/massachusetts/restoration/relighthttps://www.columbiagas.com/massachusetts/restoration/relight.

Restoration Status
Service and Main Line Replacement as of 10/21:
Main line Installed 38.2 miles, Target 44.5 miles

Service line replaced 3,615, Target 6,100

Crews on the Ground as of 10/21: 208 crews

Units Completed “House-Ready” 667, Target 7,772

Customer Support
· The Call Center has handled 87,421
· The Mobile Customer Care Centers have interacted with 1,934 customers answering questions and responding to concerns.
· A Customer Service Walk-In Center is in final stages of planning.
· Personalized outbound calls to all impacted customers to determine property ownership, number of dwellings behind the meter, and obtain approval to enter the dwelling have been completed.

Claims as of 10/21
Total Claims 21,245
Active Claims 14,677
Value Paid Out $24.8 Million

A warming center/shelter is operating at 46 Stafford Street in Lawrence for all impacted customers.

Greater Lawrence Disaster Relief Fund
In response to the overwhelming needs facing those affected, Governor Charlie Baker has announced the establishment of the Greater Lawrence Disaster Relief Fund through Essex County Community Foundation.

Any household or business that lost gas service on Sept. 13 and was still without gas on or after Oct. 1 may be eligible to apply. All eligible residents and businesses in the three affected communities must file an application by Nov. 5 to ensure they receive the current $550 stipend gift - and any future gift - being granted by the Fund. Any household or business that lost gas service on Sept. 13 and was still without gas on or after Oct. 1 may be eligible to apply.

There are three ways to apply: 1. Online at www.GLDRF.org (This is the fastest and easiest way to apply.)
2. Over the phone by dialing 2-1-1, for those who cannot apply onlinebr
3. In person for anyone in need of assistance at one of two drop-in application centers.
Locations and hours of application centers have changed. Please visit www.eccf.org/GLDisasterReliefFund for more information.