Friday, August 21, 2015

Lane's Cove Fish Shack Fundraiser

The Lane's Cove Fish Shack is not only an important part of the fishing heritage of Gloucester and Cape Ann, its also a powerful icon with continuing importance in the life of the community and all of those who care about it. Yet, for the past several years it had been in need of repair and restoration, and its future was uncertain. Thankfully, in 2012 a dedicated group of energetic and committed volunteers, coordinating with the City of Gloucester, rose to the challenge of rebuilding the shack and giving new life to a building that is so much more than just a waterfront structure. Today, thanks to their efforts and the strong support of those in Lanesville and beyond, the revitalized fish shack stands as a symbol of the survival of commercial fishing and the power of volunteers and the community to get things done by working together. Last Saturday this group hosted a fundraiser featuring a cookout, live entertainment, tours of the shack and even swimming in the cove. Overall, this was a great day for Lanesville and I was happy to attend and see so many people celebrating a shack on the cove that means so much to those who know it. Posted below are some photos I captured at the event. For more information about the Lane's Cove Historical Association please click here: