Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ready to Create a Sales Tax Holiday Weekend

For nine of the previous ten years, Massachusetts shoppers have come to benefit from a weekend of shopping for back to school needs, appliances, furniture and other items without having to pay a 6.25% state sales tax. Now is the time for the state Legislature to again create a special weekend in August for consumers, and retailers to have the advantages of sales tax relief.

In January, I filed legislation, Senate Bill 236, an act relative to a permanent annual sales tax holiday, which will establish a permanent tax holiday weekend, each and every year, to be held in mid-August. Additionally, I am a sponsor of legislation that will put in place a tax free weekend for 2015. With August fast approaching, the time to act on these bills is quickly drawing near.

While shoppers like saving money, retailers also appreciate the opportunity to offer special savings to consumers at a time of the year when shopping volume tends to be reduced. Store managers tell us that they need to know the date for a tax holiday with some advanced notice in order to prepare for sales, advertise, and make certain that they can secure inventory to supply what their customers need. We can help provide an economic summer spark.  

The House and the Senate can take action on my bill and the others, but we will need to act soon. Fortunately, several of my colleagues recognize that their constituents want the matter decided quickly. If you think that a tax free weekend deserves a spot on your calendar, let your legislators know. With your support we can move legislation to Governor Baker's desk for his signature.