Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Today’s Statement on an Auditor’s Report of the Abuse of Welfare, EBT Benefits

Today I released the following statement regarding a report conducted by State Auditor Suzanne Bump that investigated the administrating of welfare, EBT benefits, and disability funds, and the lack of oversight and security of possible fraudulent accounts and transactions:

Spending millions of taxpayer dollars on false claims and benefits for ineligible people when others need and deserve assistance is outrageous beyond words.  Clearly Commissioner Monahan understands that, and is making progress on this front.  Yet today’s report by the Auditor tells the story of a system that demands the strongest possible legislative reforms, many of which Senate Republicans have been putting forth for the past several years, and which shouldn’t be postponed any longer.

We have to act now to rebuild the integrity of our system of public assistance and to make sure that public funds are spent wisely, and for those who truly deserve them.”


Please click here to read the Auditor's report.