Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Posting of Roll Call Votes Online

Today the Massachusetts State Senate has begun debating a Senate Committee on Ways and Means Fiscal Year 2014 state budget proposal, and for the first time the State Senate is posting the results of the actual roll call votes made by the members.

The Senate Republican Caucus has been championing transparency within the Legislature for years, and this is the direct result of an amendment to the Senate Rules that I offered with the Republican Caucus and others that mandates the Clerk of the Senate to post the results of all roll call votes on the General Court’s website.  With the posting of roll call votes online, every citizen will have the opportunity to review how each and every member of the Senate voted on a particular measure, allowing for more transparency and accountability.

Please click here to review all of the amendments that were filed by the members to the FY’14 budget proposal.  To view the results of a particular roll call vote, click the RC link under the Action column.