Monday, May 13, 2013

Statement on the Recent Arrest of a Billerica Man Facing His 12th Charge of Drunk Driving

Today I released the following statement regarding the recent arrest of a Billerica man who has been charged with his 12th drunk driving charge, and has previously had his license permanently revoked for life. Starting in August 2011, the Senate Republican Caucus have been pursuing legislation to strengthen the law by increasing penalties for those who are habitual traffic offenders:

“People who drive time and time again without a license and/or under the influence of alcohol, as evidenced in this case, not only disrespect the law but also put public safety at risk. Clearly, these types of repeated acts can’t be tolerated. While we made significant progress last year in increasing the fines for unlicensed driving, it’s clear that for some cases the sanction of jail time is necessary.

We need to act clearly and decisively to send a message that repeated instances of driving without a license and while intoxicated won’t be tolerated in Massachusetts.”