Thursday, June 1, 2023

A Matter of Fundamental Fairness and Accountability.

Today, The Boston Globe published an editorial in support of a legislative initiative I have proposed that would require quasi-public state entities to report their compensation information to the Comptroller so it can be posted on the Web for public disclosure. Doing so would increase transparency around government spending. The state posts salary amounts for every other person in state government. But, there are exceptions - exemptions that create a blind spot in our transparency efforts. The quasi-public entities in many cases have very highly compensated individuals and still do not share that salary information with the Comptroller's office. This is a matter of consistency, fairness, and eliminating an area of secrecy in one field of discussion where in so many cases we've eliminated that area of secrecy, and it's only fair that we do so here again. I am thankful to have the editorial support of both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald.