Friday, August 19, 2022

Woodland Acres - Briarwood Brush Fire in Rockport

Efforts to fully contain a month-old fire in Rockport were accelerated yesterday with the deployment by Governor Charlie Baker of personnel from the Massachusetts Army National Guard. Ted Costa, a member of my staff, the former Deputy Fire Chief of Massport Fire Rescue, and I were on site. 

Rockport officials have been fighting to contain fires that have flared up affecting a 19-acre conservation area since mid-July. It is challenging work because the majority of the fire is smoldering underground. Crews from Rockport, MA Fire Department, Rockport Police Department, Massachusetts, Rockport, MA DPW, the state's Department of Conservation and Recreation, and others have been working very hard - some have been putting in 12-hour shifts to trench, clear stumps for vehicle access, set up fire breaks, route water lines, and coordinate safety plans. 

Fifteen Soldiers and 5 Tactical Firefighting trucks from the Guard's 179th and 180th Engineers were put into service to help with establishing a perimeter and flood areas to contain the fires. The contributions from all involved are remarkable and I am grateful for their service and dedication. 

With Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante.