Friday, August 26, 2022

Birthday Party Celebrating Wilmington's Adele Passmore And Ann Berghaus

When the Wilmington Minutemen are at your party you know history keepers are nearby. So it was this Sunday for Wilmington residents Adele Passmore and Ann Berghaus - two women devoted to keeping the history of town and country alive and well- and very much deserving a smart volley from the flintlocks. 

Ann, a lifelong Wilmington resident, was involved in the Wilmington, MA Town Hall Historic Commission for many years. Many know that her husband Steve was essentially an unofficial caretaker for the Harnden Tavern for many years. Adele turned 90. her commitment helped transform the newly purchased Tavern building and land in 1973 into the vibrant building it is now. 

I enjoyed the display cases of personal mementos from Ann and Adele’s lives, the volley from the Minutemen, and the opportunity to present the women of honor with Senate Citations recognizing their civic contributions.