Friday, July 1, 2022

Operation Paddle Smart

The hot weather brings many people to rivers and the beach and some will bring paddle craft like kayaks and stand-up boards. Importantly, the U.S. Coast Guard reports that they often have to respond to reports of craft unattended and adrift. Mostly these turn out to be false alarms and recreationalist are not in danger. However, searches draw federal, state and local responses that are not only costly they put crews and search volunteers at risk. 

Unmanned adrift vessel search and rescue responses are the 4th response activity in the Coast Guard nationwide. The Coast Guard urges the public to do the following things: 

* Mark It. Use an 'If Found' sticker. This label allows responders to confirm if someone is actually in trouble and collect information to help search efforts. 

 * Take responsibility for recovering your paddle craft. Adrift kayaks, canoes, dinghies, and rowboats can cause hazards to navigation and increase risks for response crews.