Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Post Pandemic Policies

Last night, the House and the Senate adopted a final version of a post-emergency bill and sent it to Governor Baker. I talked with Alison King of NBC10 Boston at the State House about the post-state of emergency components in an Act Relative to Extending Certain COVID-19 Measures Adopted During the State of Emergency, Senate bill 2475. 

Some of those components include: 

  • Allowing remote meetings of public bodies until April 20, 2022; 
  • Temporarily reinstating remote permissions for representative town meetings, nonprofit member meetings, notary services, and reverse-mortgage loan counseling; 
  •  Extending eviction protections, 
  • Adding flexibility for assisted living residences; 
  • Continuing the ability of medical assistants, podiatrists, phlebotomists, and certain military personnel to administer COVID-19 vaccines; 
  •  Requiring that takeout and delivery drinks be sold at the same prices as those consumed on-site; 
  • Granting special permits for expanded outdoor dining, which would otherwise expire in 60 days, will be valid until April 21, 2022 under the bill; 
  •  Billing protections for COVID-19 care.

You can read the bill here-