Tuesday, June 1, 2021

MassDOT Registry Announces Appointments for In-person Transactions will continue

Face coverings will still be required at RMV locations if unvaccinated 

Wednesday senior citizen hours will continue along with suspension hearings by phone, learner’s permit tests online, use of state vehicles for road tests and everyone in the road test vehicle must wear a face covering regardless of vaccination status

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is announcing that many new initiatives to provide additional flexibility to its customers during the COVID-19 pandemic will be continuing after Saturday, May 29, a day when most COVID-19 restrictions are being rescinded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

RMV customers will continue to be served by appointments only at open Service Centers, and customers who are unvaccinated will be required to wear a face covering for transactions. In addition, the RMV will continue dedicated hours on Wednesdays to serve senior citizens at some locations, holding suspension hearings by phone, allowing learner’s permit tests online, and the use of state vehicles for anyone taking road tests. (Everyone in a vehicle for a road test must wear a face covering, regardless of vaccination status.)

Today, Governor Charlie Baker signed an Executive Order terminating the Commonwealth’s State of Emergency effective June 15, 2021. The Order also rescinds most COVID-19 restrictions, including limitations placed on businesses, as of tomorrow, May 29 as Massachusetts nears the goal of vaccinating four million residents. This week, the Commonwealth passed the 3.5 million mark for fully vaccinated residents.

Governor Baker said the Registry has received “positive feedback” from the public regarding making appointments for in-person transactions, and for now the appointment system would continue. The Registry’s partner for many transactions, AAA, will also continue with the system of serving AAA members who make appointments. Governor Baker added, “The Registry is a great example of an agency that has managed to do a terrific job, in person, serving its constituents and customers over the course of the whole pandemic and has learned some valuable lessons about customer service."

Initiatives continuing as of June 1:

● Appointments for in-person transactions at open customer service locations will continue, and customers must wear a face covering for an in-person transaction if unvaccinated.

● Senior hours for customers 65 years of age and older on Wednesdays at specific locations will continue.

● Road tests will still be offered using state vehicles only. Road test sponsors will be required to be in the road test vehicle beginning on Tuesday, June 15. Everyone in a road test vehicle must wear a face covering regardless of vaccination status.

● Registration Drop Off Centers for drop off and pick up service for vehicle transactions will continue.

● Online learner’s permit exams will continue and customers must still make an in-person appointment for the application process.

● Suspension hearings by telephone will continue.

Executive Orders Rescinded:

● The period of time to transfer a vehicle registration will once again be 7 calendar days from the date a person disposes of a vehicle to register the new one. (During the pandemic, a longer grace period was given of 21 days. As of May 29, the 7 calendar day timeline goes into effect which was pre-pandemic policy.)

• As of May 29, in-vehicle observation hours for Junior Operators will revert back to Driving Schools for applicants who obtained a learner’s permit on or after 5/29/2021 requiring junior operators to complete 6 hours observing another student driver, and 40 supervised driving hours with a parent or guardian. (This was the rule pre-pandemic.)

For more information on transactions and additional details on customer locations, please visit www.mass.gov/rmv or https://www.mass.gov/info-details/rmv-covid-19-information.