Friday, February 19, 2021

In Support of Local and Regional COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

I have observed the operations of municipal and regional vaccine sites that have served thousands of people- they work well and they have proven to be efficient and effective for those who need them. Yesterday, I joined with State Rep. Lenny Mirra​ for a press conference at the #WestNewbury clinic. 

Together, these municipalities are drawing on the strengths of first responders, boards of health, councils on aging, and others who have many hours of training and preparation for public health and safety emergencies such as this COVID-19 pandemic. Putting those strengths to work to vaccinate residents who are vulnerable, have limited mobility, and face other obstacles to obtaining vaccination at larger "super sites " in our Commonwealth. While those larger sites play an important role in accelerating the overall vaccination rate of our population, smaller localized efforts play an equally important role in reaching vulnerable, more isolated people who might otherwise be left behind.

 Local leaders call for local vaccination sites