Monday, November 18, 2019

Children’s Health and Wellness Bill

This afternoon, a 6 member conference committee, which I was a member of, finalized a month-long negotiation on a wide-ranging children's health bill that improves access to treatment for vulnerable youth and studies ways to help manage their care.  I signed my name to this important and comprehensive bill so that it can receive further legislative action at an upcoming formal session.

When the Senate took up this bill we adopted it unanimously, 40-0.

One amendment that I authored, and the Senate voted unanimously to adopt, was disappointingly left out of today's conference committee report. That amendment would create a pediatric mental health care task force to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the delivery of pediatric mental health services. I have spoken to the chairs of the committee and secured a commitment that more legislation on this critically important aspect of children's health will be forthcoming when we return to our formal session in the new year.

To read the final bill click here -