Friday, May 18, 2018

Education Priorities For The State Budget

As the Senate Fiscal Year 2019 state budget debate draws near, I have filed a number of amendments to enhance educational opportunities for students, fund essential programs, and put in place enhancements to increase school safety and wellness systems.

Public education is vital and I have prepared a comprehensive set of proposals that I am also sharing with my colleagues in the Senate. In particular, I have used every available opportunity to secure a true full state commitment to funding the Special Education ‘Circuit Breaker’ – this budget delivers. I am also proposing full reimbursement for regional school transportation, modernizing the Foundation Budget formula to accurately reflect the needs of school districts, literacy and dyslexia programs and more.

In addition, I am offering the only plan to fully fund the recommendations of the Foundation Budget Review Commission. I call it the Learning Innovation for Tomorrow fund or LIFT plan.

You can review, and read all of these amendments by following this link to the Senate Budget webpage: Senate Budget Amendments For Debate