Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Statement on the Senate Committee on Ways and Means FY’16 State Budget

Boston- Today I released the following statement following the release of the Senate Ways and Means Committee’s $38.1 Billion Fiscal Year 2016 budget proposal.  Budget debate will begin on Tuesday May 19th: 

“The Fiscal Year 2016 budget proposal released today by the Senate Committee on Ways and Means is a positive step in the process for several important reasons. First, it does not rely on any broad-based tax increases or withdrawals from the state’s Stabilization Fund, reflecting noteworthy fiscal discipline with regard to revenue.

In addition, the budget proposal responds to a number of important priorities including Chapter 70 education funding, unrestricted local aid to cities and towns, public safety, and housing stability and permanence for families that would otherwise have to resort shelters.  These are important spending items that need to be addressed.
Today’s proposal also sets the stage for robust and productive debate, in which our caucus hopes to capture opportunities for savings and efficiencies to make state government more efficient and accountable, and to foster a stronger and more inclusive economic recovery.”