Tuesday, May 26, 2015

15th Annual Missing Children's Day

Today we gathered at the State House to join with families who have had a child abducted or murdered.  The event, sponsored by Molly Bish Foundation founders John and Magi Bish, is an opportunity for us to remember children and their families who have faced these issues.

I was invited to speak at the foot of the Grand Staircase by the Bish family and I spoke of the many reasons we have to hope.  As long as we never forget these children, we will use the resources of justice and public safety available to us to bring the children home.  We will rededicate ourselves so that no child goes lost or missing. 

Magi and John's daughter Molly went missing in June 2000.  Three years later her bathing suit and remains were found, the murder is still under investigation.  The Bish family has been at the forefront of raising awareness about this important issue.  Today people gathered from across the state to help protect children from harm.

We were joined by Secretary of Public Safety Daniel Bennett, Senate President Stan Rosenberg and Attorney General Maura Healey, Representative Todd Smola and Senator Anne Gobi.  Families told moving stories about missing children, inspiring us all, and compelling us to take more actions to protect them.

Speakers reaffirmed commitments to keeping children safe, through systems such as Amber Alert, and expanded DNA database, and tracking and accountability measures for sex offenders.

Among the systematic changes discussed was the strengthening of our state's license plate system, using an EZ-ID format that I have been working to advance over the past several years, and that is the subject of legislation I have filed and advocated during that time.

An EZ-ID law will create a general issue license plate to include a randomly assigned symbol, such as a star, heart, diamond, circle, etc., into each registration number itself, reducing the necessary number of letters and numbers otherwise needed on each plate.  This would make it easier for all of us, even for very young children, to recognize, remember and recall license plate registrations.