Thursday, July 3, 2014

Animal Safety Tips for the July 4th Weekend

As we all look forward to our July 4th celebrations, the Animal Rescue League and Boston Veterinary Care remind us that our pets do not share our excitement. The two organizations urge pet owners to keep several things in mind this Independence Day.

First, the 4th of July, a day of barbeques, fireworks, and parades, can be a cause for potentially dangerous overstimulation for dogs. With all of the additional activities happening over the weekend, it may increase the risk of biting and other aggressive behavior in your dog. ARL president Mary Nee suggests leaving pets at home if possible, or putting them on a leash if they must be outside.

Second, fireworks startle and cause severe anxiety for pets. Keeping your pet in a room with the television or radio on may serve as a distraction for the animal.

Because of the day’s excitement, many animals may run away to avoid the terror-inducing stimuli. It is recommended that your animal is identifiable with either a collar or microchip just in case.

Lastly, in accordance with this summer’s brutal heat, Boston Veterinary Care reminds us to never leave our pets in a parked car, due to the dangerous intensity of the heat within vehicles on hot summer days.

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