Thursday, May 8, 2014

Statement on a Proposed Substance Abuse Recovery Bill

Today I released the following statement regarding a substance abuse treatment and recovery bill released from the Senate Committee on Ways and Means:

“We have all seen the destructive nature of what opioids and other drugs can have on the life of someone caught in the vicious cycle of addiction, and the harm it can have on a family and their community.  It is vital that Massachusetts does not stand idly by as families deteriorate and continue to suffer, and it is time that the legislature puts in place the tools necessary to seriously combat this issue in an effective and responsible fashion.

The measure offered by Senate President Therese Murray and Senator John Keenan is a great starting point and a wonderful opportunity to begin the process of exchanging ideas to best combat this major issue troubling our society.  I applaud their efforts for creating the vehicle for that to happen, and I look forward to having a spirited debate on the matter where Senate Republicans will be active participants.”