Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Statement on a Local Aid Resolution Agreement

Today I released the following statement regarding the announcement of a proposed local aid resolution:

“Local aid accounts are critical for municipal budgets and providing essential services such as education and police and fire protection, and an early local aid resolution is an important tool to provide valuable information to the municipal officials who are working now to write city and town budgets.

Because of that importance, consideration of a local aid resolution is a welcome opportunity for debate about how best to help our cities and towns.  In that debate we should consider the context of a likely increase in state spending of almost 5%, and aspire to reach beyond increases in Chapter 70 spending which account only for inflation and incremental increases per pupil that resemble those we have seen in the past.

Similarly, if the state budget is going to increase by 5%, we need to address Unrestricted General Government Aid more than we have over the past several years, and in a way that addresses the projected performance of the lottery and the needs of our municipal partners in government.”