Monday, March 24, 2014

Meeting with the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce

This morning I had the opportunity to join with several of my Senate colleagues for a Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce forum to discuss the Massachusetts economy.  The forum, which was held at Salvatore’s Riverwalk Conference Center in Lawrence, MA, was well attended by many civic and business leaders from the region.

The forum provided an excellent opportunity to speak directly with members of the business community regarding issues that affect the vitality of our economy, and I am pleased to have joined in today’s discussion.

With the assistance of former State Senator Steven Baddour serving as today’s guest moderator, we discussed issues such as the latest state revenue and unemployment figures, unemployment insurance reforms, the ongoing minimum wage debate, and many proposals the Senate Republican Caucus has offered to reduce health care and energy costs for businesses within the Commonwealth.

For more information regarding the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce, please click here to visit the organization’s website.  Posted below are photos that were captured of this morning’s event.