Thursday, April 4, 2013

Statement on competing transportation plans

Today I released the following statement regarding the proposed transportation financing plan unveiled by House Minority Leader Brad Jones and House Republicans this afternoon:

“House Minority Leader Brad Jones and the House Republican Caucus have proven today that we need not rely on massive tax increases to solve our state’s transportation problems.  There are some key principles contained in the House Republican plan that should guide us during the upcoming debate: it focuses on real problems, rather than the problems caused by the Governor’s ambitious plan to increase spending; it operates on a pay as you go basis; it prioritizes transportation spending over money wasted as a result of creating more government bureaucracy; and it forces us to think clearly about spending priorities.  Senate Republicans will focus on these same principles when crafting our own solutions to the problems that we face.

The House Republican plan offers a real opportunity for a more comprehensive debate that will focus on reforms before revenue and has the potential to achieve long-term sustainability, reliability and efficiencies within our transportation infrastructure.

Today’s events on Beacon Hill clearly illustrate the situation we’re in.  Governor Patrick has proven that not even $500 million will satisfy his appetite for tax increases, and a new Republican plan proves that transportation needs can be addressed without massive increases in taxing and spending.  What’s important now is to hear from the people who pay the bills through taxes, fares, and fees, and they deserve an opportunity for that to happen.”