Saturday, April 13, 2013

Posting Senate Roll Call Votes Online

During the Senate rules debate on January 24th, the Senate Republican Caucus was successful in passing a Senate rule that requires the posting of roll call votes on the state legislature’s webpage within 48 hours of the vote being taken.

That vote was passed unanimously by a vote of 39-0; however, it will not take effect until May 1st. Until then, we will post them starting with S.1766 ( on and This is a transparent measure to allow everybody to be able to see how their State Senator voted on a particular measure.

Posted below is the first of the roll call votes being taken on S.1766.

I offered this roll call vote to postpone the bill to a later date. Last evening at 5:00pm there was an amendment filing deadline to S.1766, and during that time period there were over 100 amendments filed.  My motion for postponement until April 22nd was to afford the members of the Senate more time to read and understand the amendments before they are expected to vote on them. Unfortunately, that motion was defeated by a vote of 3-30.

Keep checking back today to view all of the posted roll call votes.