Thursday, July 19, 2012

Votes to Note: Senate Debates Jobs Bill, Rejects Elimination of Sales Tax Holiday

Today the Senate is debating an economic jobs bill that contains several important measures aimed to make Massachusetts a more business friendly environment and mechanisms to decrease the unemployment rate here in the Commonwealth, which remains steady at 6%.  With that goal in mind, there were 126 amendments filed to modify Senate Bill 2350, An Act relative to infrastructure investment, enhanced competitiveness and economic growth in the Commonwealth, by the members of the Senate.

One amendment offered by Senator Patricia Jehlen reaches no such goal, and would potentially prove to be harmful if passed. Amendment #3 would eliminate this year’s Tax Free Holiday scheduled for August 11th & 12th. During a time of year when business is usually stagnant for retailers, the Tax Free Holiday provides a boom in sales and offers savings for consumers, which is particularly important for those buying school supplies for their children.

Fortunately, my colleagues and I were able to defeat the proposed amendment by a roll call vote of 6-31. Posted below is the actual roll call vote made today by the members of the Senate.

Amendment #3 Sales Tax Holiday

Yeas: 6 Nays: 31

Roll Call Votes: Yea/Nay

Frederick E. Berry: Nay
Stephen M. Brewer: Nay
William N. Brownsberger: Nay
Gale D. Candaras: Nay
Harriette L. Chandler: Nay
Sonia Chang-Diaz: Yea
Katherine Clark: Nay
Cynthia Stone Creem: Nay
Sal N. DiDomenico: Nay
Kenneth J. Donnelly: Nay
Eileen Donoghue: Nay
Benjamin B. Downing: Nay
James B. Eldridge: Yea
Susan C. Fargo: Nay
Barry Finegold: Nay
Jennifer L. Flanagan: Nay
John Hart: Did Not Vote
Robert L. Hedlund: Yea
Patricia D. Jehlen: Yea
Brian A. Joyce: Nay
John Keenan: Nay
Thomas P. Kennedy: Nay
Michael R. Knapik: Nay
Thomas M. McGee: Nay
Mark C. Montigny: Nay
Michael O. Moore: Nay
Richard T. Moore: Nay
Senate President Therese Murray: Did Not Vote
Marc R. Pacheco: Yea
Anthony Petruccelli: Nay
Michael Rodrigues: Nay
Stanley C. Rosenberg: Nay
Richard J. Ross: Nay
Michael Rush: Nay
Karen E. Spilka: Nay
Bruce E. Tarr: Nay
James E. Timilty: Nay
James Welch: Nay
Daniel Wolf: Yea