Saturday, July 28, 2012

Statement on Melissa's Bill Amendment

I released the following statement today, following Governor Patrick’s decision to send the crime bill, also known as Melissa’s Bill, back to the legislature with an amendment:

“Governor Patrick has had a busy week defending the interests of those who break the law. He rejected a measure to require proof of legal residence to register a car, has said he will refuse to enforce restrictions on purchases with EBT cards, and now he is trying to provide violent repeat criminals with a ‘safety valve’.

His actions to jeopardize the passage of the crime bill are both ill-timed and ill-advised by trying to amend a good and balanced bill with an extraordinary measure to protect repeat violent criminals, with precious little time remaining in the legislative session.

The governor's proposal was never seriously considered by the House or the Senate, and was expressly rejected by the conference committee, and yet he has chosen to risk the passage of the entire bill, which he has publicly characterized as ‘good’, for such a measure, in a repeat of his performance when the legislature first placed a gaming bill on his desk.

Fortunately, the legislature has made a firm commitment to public safety by passing this comprehensive bill with overwhelming and consistent support. My hope is that the House and Senate will once again take a strong stand to protect public safety, and that the governor will act quickly in response to our actions to prevent the clock or the calendar from becoming the deciding factor in protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth from those who repeatedly make them victims.”