Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Congratulations to The Mass Factor!

This week the community access television show The Mass Factor is celebrating its first year of existence. The show initially gained momentum when the program’s creator, Linda Flaherty, spoke with WRKO’s Todd Feinberg about the absence of media coverage of elected officials and those who work in policy oriented fields. Since that conversation, Linda and Todd have developed The Mass Factor into a widely respected program that provides a window into some of the most important issues concerning the Commonwealth.

The interview-type show has hosted many notable guests during its short time on the air, including legislators, constitutional officers, local officials and candidates for office. I, too, have been a guest, and hope to be a guest again in the very near future.

Through Linda and Todd’s dedication, The Mass Factor has enjoyed tremendous success, and is now being aired in 65 communities across the Commonwealth. To learn more about the show, please click here to visit its Facebook page. To view episodes of the show please click here to visit the Danvers Community Access Television website and click on the Video On Demand tab.

Posted below is my appearance on The Mass Factor that was taped in June, 2011.