Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today’s statement on SJC Melanie’s Law Ruling

Today I released the following statement regarding the decision made this afternoon by the Supreme Judicial Court in Souza v. Registrar of Motor Vehicles prohibiting the Registry of Motor Vehicles from increasing certain sanctions to those who drive while under the influence of alcohol:

“Today’s decision by the Supreme Judicial Court to strike down certain increased penalties for those operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is deeply concerning and undermines the effectiveness of a major law that protects our public safety. Today’s ruling by the court begs a legislative response, and we are working to prepare it for inclusion in the first available vehicle, which may well be the Senate version of the Fiscal Year 2013 state budget.

I’m extremely proud of the good work the legislature did in 2005 implementing Melanie’s Law to toughen the consequences for those who choose to drive drunk, and I’m certain the legislature will act swiftly to strengthen an already strong and comprehensive law.”