Friday, May 11, 2012

The Advancement of the GOP Jobs Package

I’m pleased, given the uncertainty of the economic recovery, that our jobs package is being given serious consideration by the Legislature. The House and Senate Republican Caucuses have put forward a series of thoughtful proposals targeting five key areas impacting Massachusetts businesses, including energy, education, health care, regulations and taxes, and have already seen some components of our jobs package begin to advance favorably through the legislative process, including proposals to:

• Require public utilities to engage in competitive bidding for long-term renewable contracts to protect the financial interests of Massachusetts’ ratepayers (included in Senate energy cost containment bill);

• Strengthen collaboration between vocational schools, community colleges and workforce investment boards to maximize their common goals of producing a highly-trained and well-rounded workforce to meet the needs of the Commonwealth’s employers (included in House Fiscal Year 2013 Budget);

• Enhance veterans’ ability to secure state-issued licensure and certification in a variety of professional trades by counting service members’ military education, training and experience towards the qualifications required for licensure and certification (included in Senate VALOR Act);

• Extend for 90 days the professional trade license of active duty members whose license expires while on duty (included in Senate VALOR Act); and

• Provide expedited consideration for veterans’ spouses who apply for state licensure or certification (included in Senate VALOR Act).

In the remaining months of the current legislative session, I intend to work closely with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to ensure that not only these proposals, but also many of the other ideas we have promulgated to stimulate the economy and facilitate job growth, reach the Governor’s desk.

Posted below are a series of letters that I submitted to the different joint committees that held public hearings at the State House this week on the five different omnibus jobs bills.

GOP Jobs Bill Letters of Support