Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Public Meeting on Plum Island to Evaluate Options

The severe erosion that has occurred on Plum Island over the past several days has caused local and state officials to convene a technical meeting to evaluate options for stabilizing the area south of Island Center on Friday. Called for the purpose of exploring all available options to stabilize the dune system and protect several homes that are in jeopardy, the meeting will be open to the public and conducted at P.I.T.A. Hall at 2pm.

Representatives from the following agencies and organizations are expected to participate in what is anticipated to be an informed, productive exchange of ideas:

• Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
• Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
• Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
• U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
• Plum Island Taxpayers Association
• Plum Island Foundation
• and Federal, State and Local elected officials

The unexpected occurrence of erosion in this area of the beach and dune system clearly presents a major new challenge and we need to address that challenge with the team approach we have used to make so much progress thus far on the northern section of the island.