Wednesday, August 16, 2023

North Andover Visit

Today Senate President Karen Spilka and representatives of U.S. Senator Ed Markey joined with me and Senator Barry Finegold to view and assess the extensive damage that has occurred to North Andover businesses, homes and infrastructure as a result of the heavy rain and flooding events that have recently occurred in the Merrimack Valley and  other areas of Massachusetts.  We were accompanied by local officials including Selectboard Chair Janice Phillips,, Police Chief Charles Gray, Fire Chief John Weir, DPW Director Jim Stanford, Town Manager Melissa Rodrigues, and others, including business and property owners that have been heavily impacted by these events. The severity and magnitude of the damage that has occurred demands a coordinated response from local, state, and federal government, and we deeply appreciate the Senate President and Senator Markey's staff coming to the community and expressing their support. We also appreciate the indomitable spirit that those impacted, and the town in general, have shown toward recovering, rebuilding, and growing stronger in the wake of  this terrible damage. As the sign we saw today on the sidewalk says - " North Andover Strong "!