Monday, May 22, 2023

Budget Bill - "Tax Policy Neutral"

I think back to inauguration day in the Senate chamber when so many aspirational things were put forward I remember how I called to the Senate's attention that we are living in a unique time when we see relative signs of prosperity, we see state revenue for the most part has been increasing, we see a time when economic indicators for the most part have been positive. I continue to raise the vital need for structural and permanent tax cuts and reforms. 

And yet, we all feel the uncertainty of the moment. Issues with employers who can't find enough employees, the continuing burden of inflation, and yet we look at the situation that this really gives us the sense we may be in for a turn of events that is not as favorable as the ones I just cited. We need to engage in a balancing of the aspirational goals we share for so many things, with a need to be prepared and acknowledge the difficulties that hopefully we will not face, but that we may face.