Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Suicide Prevention Virtual Conference May 18 — 19 9:00 AM-3:30 PM

Learn the latest about supporting those in need - this virtual event is geared towards public and mental health professionals, social workers, public safety officials, first responders, community leaders, survivors, counselors, clergy and faith leaders, educators and school administrators, elder service staff, persons working with youth programs, GLBT advocates, providers of veterans’ services and anyone interested in preventing self-harm and suicide. 

Register for this annual conference sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention, and AdCare Educational Institute of New England at 

  • Conference Objectives: 
  • Increase awareness of suicide as a public health issue by gaining new knowledge in the field of suicide prevention 
  • Learn more about the Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention by attending a virtual reception hosted by the Coalition 
  • Gain knowledge about the special needs of suicide survivors and survivors of suicide attempts through various workshops 
  • Enhance suicide assessment and intervention skills by participating in various workshops instructed by leaders in the field