Monday, April 4, 2022

The Senate completed work on a supplemental budget with $1.67 billion in gross spending, $883 million in net spending which prioritizes immediate, time-sensitive spending needs. A portion of the spending is to be backed by federal reimbursement. Here are the major components of the bill: 

  • The single largest component is $700 million for COVID-19 response including a reserve to support testing, vaccine access, and health care workforce needs. This spending will likely receive full federal participation, 
  • There's $147 million for private special education schools, these Chapter 766 schools support our state’s guarantee that all children have the right to a free appropriate public education, 
  • $20 million for additional low-income home energy assistance program, 
  •  $10 million for the office of immigrants and refugees to support the resettlement of individuals and families from Ukraine, 
  •  $5 million for the secretary of state to cover the costs of paper and printing for elections, 
  • Outdoor dining was adopted in time to end the sunset date and allow for restraints to continue to offer guests extend outdoor dining. In addition, we also extended alcohol to-go provisions. We ensured that our National Guard members will receive their COVID0-19 bonuses. Another important priority of this Senate was the so-called Russian divestment. We were able to ensure that the language that we included in the Senate bill last week relative to divesting from Russian assets was included, 
  • $100 million in this document for winter roadway recovery, to deal with filling potholes and the like.