Thursday, April 14, 2022

Nero's Law

Yarmouth Police Sargent Sean Gannon was killed by a suspect he was serving an arrest warrant to four years ago this week. To honor him, his service, and his K-9 Nero, Governor Charlie Baker conducted a ceremonial bill signing of Nero’s Law at the Sgt. Sean Gannon Training Facility in #Yarmouth. I co-sponsored the legislation that the Governor signed because I know that first responders of every type are subject to dangerous working conditions - they deserve our support and immediate access to care. 

Nero's Law now allows K-9 partners to be given emergency medical treatment and transport in an ambulance to receive medical attention when injured in the line of duty provided no human is in need first. Sargent Gannon's K-9 was severely injured and suffered life-threatening injuries from the shooting that killed Sargent Gannon. Nero was shot in the face; the bullet ripped through his head and left holes in his throat. He was covered in blood at the scene for hours before receiving medical care.