Thursday, August 20, 2020

"The State of the Coast"

This morning I will be at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate with The Trustees, Katie Theoharides, Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Representative Brad Hill, Ipswich town officials and others to announce a comprehensive new report "The State of the Coast" which examines 13 North of Boston coastal communities and efforts to protect them. I will provide a link to this important report following the event.

The Trustees' report is a comprehensive and thoughtful assessment of a number of the risks to our natural and built environments backed by real-world data and scientific analysis. This document buttresses the ongoing work of many organizations, including the North East Coastal Coalition and the Merrimack River Beach Alliance, and points to the need for future such collaborative efforts to further momentum toward knowledge and policy development so that we act proactively as good stewards of our coast for future generations.