Friday, August 28, 2020

“Call to Colors” A Celebration of The American Flag at the Cape Ann Museum Green

This morning I had the privilege of joining a ceremony to honor our past and present veterans. Cape Ann Museum Director Oliver Barker invited me and others to attend this event next to the Babson-Alling House in an open field at CAM Green. 

The museum is building a new campus on Washington and Poplar Streets in Gloucester - they have three historic buildings and one incredible new building that will provide storage for its collection as well as exhibit and performance space. The Museum board decided to erect a flag pole at one of the focal points of the property, in a location also highly visible from the Grant Circle Rotary, on Rt 128 as you enter the city.

Adam Curcuru, Director of Cape Ann Veterans Services, a former Marine Lance Corporal and Purple Heart recipient who served in Afghanistan, shared his thoughts on the meaning of the American Flag. Adam was accompanied by his assistant and Veterans Benefits Coordinator, Violette Chipperini, a former Sergeant in the US Army and a Purple Heart recipient, wounded in Iraq.

Charlie and Coco Esdaile, Theo and Cecilia Barker, and Ryan Johnston, grandson of Nina and Stephen Goodick, assisted by Adam, and their parents/grandparents, raised the Flag.