Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Boxford Firefighter Turnout Gear

For a firefighter turnout gear, the personal safety equipment used by an individual, is of vital importance. Boxford’s state legislative delegation successfully championed amendments to both the House and Senate budgets last year, and as a result, $50,000 was made available for the purchase of units of protective gear necessary for Boxford Fire Department's full-time and on call firefighters to respond to emergencies. 

This particular initiative is intended to protect #Boxford firefighters. Turnout gear is one of the most important things that can protect them from serious harm.

The protective gear is made of fire resistant materials, typically a blend of artificial fibers such as Kevlar. These articles are designed to prevent serious harm when firefighters come into contact with chemicals, electricity, fire or other dangers.

A growing body of research indicates that turnout gear must be cleaned after each use in a fire scene, in order to address properly the exposure to toxins and contaminants that can pose serious health risks to the wearer. In order to achieve this, and maintain necessary readiness status, departments most often must purchase and maintain two sets of gear for each firefighter. That, in turn, translates into a major expense for municipalities.

With Selectman Peter Perkins, Fire Chief Greiger, Firefighter Colangelo State Rep. Lenny Mirra, Firefighter Blake, Firefighter Ashley, Selectwoman Mary Anne Nay, Firefighter Brown,and State Rep Tram Nguyen.