Friday, July 27, 2018

Electing A New Senate President

Yesterday, the members of the Senate elected a new Senate President. I was honored to be nominated by two of my colleagues - Senator Dean A. Tran and Senator Don Humason. Senate President Karen E. Spilka was elected and I made a motion, which was adopted, to make her election unanimous.

As Senate Minority Leader, I know that the minority does count and we will continue to work with our Democrat colleagues on all the issues we face. We will continue to bring our principled ideas to the table: for clean energy, affordable health care, supporting everyone who deserves an economic opportunity, protecting our natural resources and supporting our police and fire departments who protect us each day.

We will continue to foster an environment conducive to the development of creating jobs and generating revenue for spending priorities through increased economic growth rather than increasing taxes.

We stand for things that should never be partisan: supporting veterans, seniors, students, and the ill.

We realize a new day has arrived in the Senate. The Minority Caucus will never stop seeking the opportunities to work with everyone. More important is the faith we need to have in each other and the example we need to show of the power we have when we work together.