Friday, March 9, 2018

Boxford officials report that most of Boxford remains without power

A large portion (over 55%) of homes are supplied by the substation on Pond Street. The transmission feeder lines to that substation are damaged and National Grid is working to get the power to that substation. AFTER that is complete, the Grid will start to restore the lines emanating from the substation to the streets of Boxford. Pond Street is currently closed to help the Grid work on its power lines feeding the substation.

About 35% of the Town receives its power from a substation in North Andover. That substation has power. The Grid has crews actively working on the line from that substation into Boxford, but there are many branches on trees and broken lines that must be repaired. No accurate restoration time is known, but that project is further along than the Boxford substation project.

There are also small sections of Town that are on the tail end of lines coming from Haverhill and Topsfield. We do not have restoration information on those at this time.

The last restorations are single outages that may be caused by lines down from the poles to individual houses. National Grid expects full restoration by Sunday night.

Please continue to contact Nation Grid directly on its automated outage line every 8 to 10 hours as for some reason the outages are reported as being fixed when that information is not accurate. 1-800-465-1212.

As the work continues, National Grid’s estimates for time of restoration become more accurate. Check the National Grid website frequently for updates.