Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Change of Law For Those Who Abuse Animals

Today. an editorial in the Boston Herald points out the need to continue to strengthening our animal welfare laws, particularly in light of a recent decision by the Supreme Judicial Court in a case involving the sexual abuse of a dog. That case also involves a juvenile defendant. In the concurring opinion, Justice Cypher indicates this is an area the legislature should examine.

I am committed to addressing these issues in the context of an animal welfare bill (PAWS II S1159) I have sponsored that is moving through the legislative process. In doing so, we must not only provide for the proper treatment of these offenses, but also ensure that our laws properly account for the situation of juvenile offenders, and treat them in an age-appropriate manner that maximizes the opportunity to prevent recidivism.

Already. I have heard from some stakeholders about how to address these issues, and I will continue to facilitate a dialogue and work toward solutions.

Read the editorial at this link: http://www.bostonherald./2017/11/editorial_a_fix_for_animal_abusers