Friday, July 28, 2017

Strengthening Massachusetts Retail

The Senate President, Stan Rosenberg, and I have initiated an effort to grow our state's retail industry. Here is more information about our plan to form a Senate Task Force on Strengthening Massachusetts Local Retail.

Retailers are an important part of our economy, and the bedrock of main streets in our communities. Yet they are facing challenges on many fronts, and we need to understand their perspective and how best to help them survive and thrive. This task force will open the door to the type of discussion we need to partner with the retail community.

The Task Force will address a number of key factors, including challenges faced by local retailers in competing against online sellers, closures of local retailers and the impact that has on local economies and property tax bases, initiatives by local retailers to increase their market share, and how state and local governments can encourage purchases from local retailers.

There will be 13 members, seven from the Senate, five to be appointed by the Senate President and two by the Majority Leader. Five members will also be selected to represent large and small retailers from geographically diverse regions across the Commonwealth, three to be appointed by the Senate President and two by the Minority Leader. One member will also represent the Retailers Association of Massachusetts. Outside experts with expertise in business and economics may also be consulted to assist the Task Force in facilitating its work.